If you have goats wanted India then fill out the form below and I will list it for FREE. India is one of the great Goat producers and there are many small and large goat herders and goat breeders in the country and there are many goat sellers wanting to fill the animal breeding needs of others.

But always remember Buyer Beware. Don't buy a goat based on a photo, or a phone call, there are plenty of bad people out there, and if not sure ask someone who knows about animals, but don't trust anyone.

List your Goats Wanted Now and every advert gets its own web page to help you find your goats. This is India's largest goat site for selling and buying goats or sourcing good goat information, so take advantage of it.

Please make sure you clearly state what goats you are looking for, and take care when dealing, don't send cash without seeing the animal.


I need good quality low resolution photographs of various Indian goat breeds for this website, gents can you help me and get someone with a digital camera? Send me some images of great Indian goats. 

I need pictures of Jamnapari, Marwari, Barbari, Desi, Talachery, Osmanabadi, Sirohi, Nellore, Jodipi, Madras Red, Siroki, Jacrani, Beetel.

PLEASE HELP THIS INDIAN WEBPAGE, AND I CAN HELP YOU! Post it using the goats wanted form below. Remember you should not hand over a single rupee to anyone unless you have sighted the goat, given it a health inspection and you are not going to end up with some one else's problem.



Clearly write down all the details of your goats wanted

DO NOT type in CAPITAL LETTERS or advert your advert will be rejected

You must list either a phone number or your email address as people need to contact you, if you do not supply these your advert will be rejected

I WILL NOT publish adverts if multiple adverts are submitted as they will be considered Spam and all will be removed and banned.

I will not publish adverts for fighting goats and sheep

WARNING  (चेतावनी)  It is your responsibility to check out the people who you are dealing with, we cannot be held responsible for dishonest goat traders and breeders. 

For our many Indian goat breeders this is about Goat Farming In India and all about Goats Wanted India

Do you want to buy goats?

If you want to buy some goats or want some help with your new goat farm, then ask for help here. Goats wanted advertisements MUST show excat goat requirements (How many, what breed, and your state or twon location), also your name, cellphone number and email address. No Details and your advert will be rejected.

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