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Jun 29, 2013
Royce could help you !!!!
by: Sylvia Prevette

We been doing this for a long time we put up are own goat sheds and fencing, hot wire , baby's we have a lot of chickens that run the farm , and our 14 African guineas all white run the neighbor hood ,, we love are animals and we keep some goats and sheep up at the house . We bottle feed for a lot of farms . If you want information , please call 803-719-6596 ask for Royce

Mar 21, 2011
Goats wanted in Sri Lanka
by: Gamini Weerasinghe

Iam a livestock consultant to the National Livestock Development Board. The goats youwill rear will depend on the area you wish to run the Farm. There is also what your aim of production. Is it for meat or for milk?

Goats could be provided if youwould contact me at

Nov 20, 2009
Best of luck
by: Ahmed

Hi Razan Nana, How RU? how's business going on?

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