There are many sources of Goats Wanted USA information, from rural newspapers to online sales websites, online stock auction websites and a variety of goat classifieds. There are also Facebook Marketplace groups that are also a good place to buy and sell goats or inform prospective buyers.  If you want to place your Goats Wanted then you can find a local newspaper classified then list it. Some even head to eBay and Craigslist to buy goats. But buyer beware as well seller beware. Don’t part with any hard earned cash until you set eyes on the goat, don’t pay a deposit for a goat that may not even exist, as the scammers are all out there and active. I also suggest you post email addresses only, do not put out your phone number.

Goats Wanted USA

So you are buying a new goat, or goats. Make sure you have inspected it thoroughly, check its age, check the hooves for trim and any smell of infection. Check and find out when it was last drenched and what drench make was used. Check when it was vaccinated and what with. Make sure you are getting a quality animal and not something being culled from a herd. Personally I do not trust anyone after some negative experiences.

I prefer to drench against parasites at least 24 hours before transport. When you transport and arrive at your farm, quarantine the goats for at least 7 days and observe, before placing with the main herd. After it goes in the herd, monitor daily for signs of scouring as it adjusts to the new pasture.

Goats Wanted USA

If you are posting your goats wanted can I ask you to follow some simple rules.

1. PLEASE DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPITALS or in BOLD as it will not be posted. 

2. Don't use any HTML code within your post as it will be deleted, that no inserting links to YouTube or other websites.

2. Please don't use bad language or profanity as it will not be posted. Hard to believe that people would do that in a goat advert but sadly it is true.

3. To post your advert, please at least use a first name and location with your email address in the notification page, so you will get a message when someone leaves a comment. Don’t include telephone number in the body text of the advert but it’s your choice.

4. You need to insert a couple of sentences describing your specific goats wanted. Breed, sex, age, and anything else that you are after. If you insert just a couple of words using text style message or short form SMS language the system will reject it.

5. Don't Spam the site with multiple advert submissions, none get posted and you will end up banned.

6. Please insert the date when posting your advert. I will delete all adverts after 3 months.

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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Pygmy or Boer Goat wanted Ohio 
I would like a male baby pygmy or boer goat uncastrated to have to breed with my female boer so we can produce and sell the kids.

Alpine Milking Goat wanted 
1 alpine miking goat fresh or coming fresh wanted

Goats wanted Florida 
I am looking to green belt my property with a goat herd, I would prefer meat goats, please email: rleonard.flusa@yahoo.com I need wholesale prices and …

Nubian Goats wanted 
I am interested in Buying some goats. My requirements are:Black with white Dapples--Red with Dapples-any color that has dapples. Nubian Breed only. Prefer …

Milk Goats Wanted !! 
Me and my brother want to start a goat milking farm . We need goats to start our farm so if you have any plese contact us ?

Young Nubians wanted 
I am in need of a young Nubins, or Saanea for my 4 young Doelings, thanks rfresh20@nemr.net

Looking for a milking Nubian 
Looking for a milking Nubian or Saanen or mix milking doe with or without kid(s). We're in western Colorado. Thanks! 970-422-1888

hornless nubian male wanted 
I have a hornless nubian male for breeding available in June 2010. Call 760 889 3868 full blooded. brown with spots.

Goats or Goat wanted!(kidds excepted too!) 
Hello, I am looking for one or more goats to keep in a fenced area in my backyard. Love goats and grew up with them, want my kids to do the same. Looking …

mini lamanchas goat wanted 
Looking for a mini lamanchas goat(Buck)any age any color I want him for breeding

jamunapari goats in the usa wanted 
looking for jamunapari goats in the usa, would like to find someone in or close to atlanta georgia. contact me. esau C. bright iii brightrider@bellsouth.net …

Angora goats wanted. 
Angora goats wanted. I am a handspinner who wants to buy some Angora goats. Thanks, Linda flyinsquirrel48@yahoo.com

Wanted Baby fainting goats. 
Wanted: 2 small baby fainting goats. If you have any please call me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. (In Iowa) Thank You.

Need A Billy 
I am looking to buy a hornless breeding age male Boar or Boar/Spanish Mix goat.

Special Goat wanted 
I'm from Arizona, can travel and... I am looking for a replacement for my last old solo pack goat.. prefer... xlarge cross wether, very people friendly, …

Boer Wethers Wanted 
WANTED: Boer Wethers In the 50 pound area. MUST BE HEALTHY AND WETHERED. Will pick up. Please call (540)975-1215 or home # (540)740-8453

Goats Wanted 
I am looking to buy 30-40 head of goats from 35-50lbs. Any breeds would be fine except pygmy.

Boer Kids Wanted 
Boer bottle kids. Call or email me with a quantity and price. I would like to have some now until whenever I have too many. Please notify me even if …

Wanted: Goat Meat Not rated yet
Look for a source of Boer goat meat for busy restaurant in LA. Prefer in state or nearby. Currently using 75#+ a week, boneless or we can process primals …

james richard Not rated yet
looking to start raising goats any one can tell me how to get started thanks for your time you can contact me @ jrichard218@yahoo.com

Shooting star farms Not rated yet
Wanted minimancha doe or doeling. Registered, bred doe is preferred. CAE and CL negative a must. Would like to trade for minimancha buck. He has champion …

Shooting star farms Not rated yet
I have 2 minimancha bucks for sale! Black and white colored. Very pretty markings. One is second generation. Unregistered 10 months old. Mom gave amazing …

Wanted: Boer or other meat goats Not rated yet
Wanted: Boer or other meat goats North Dakota. Do not need breeding quality goats. bakerdoitall@gmail.com or call/text (605)237-3844.

PROJECT REPORT ON GOAT FARMING FOR SALE CONTACT Miss Catherian Cate Email Address. catheriancate@gmail.com Skype. catherian.cate …

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Alpines Bucks Not rated yet
Alpine bucks for sale Nevada: Two Mixed French/American Alpines bucks 3 months old (brothers) $350 each; One Purebred French Alpine buck 3 months old …

Goats wanted Oklahoma Not rated yet
Wanting to Buy nubian Ibex nannies and or hybrid nubian Ibex nannies. I live in Oklahoma City.

A Boer Billy Needed ASAP!!! Not rated yet
A Boer Billy Needed ASAP!!! Hi I am looking for a boer billy that will get the job done for a low price!! Thanks, and I need him ASAP! Email me …

Molly Curling Not rated yet
I have a baby Nigerian dwarf goat for sale. If you are interested, please contact me through mcurling0@hotmail.com. I can give you pictures. I can travel …

Goats wanted Not rated yet
I have a large corner lot that because of my health i have not been able to keep the blackberrys under control. frankly if all the weeds were removed, …

Chancie Not rated yet
Saneen Buck wanted near Shamrock, Tx. Preferably breeding age with a dairy background and brucellosis tested. Also selling a young Nubian buck, will trade …

Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale, New York Not rated yet
I have a few Nigerian Dwarf Goats that I will sell and can email pictures to who ever is interested. I can be reached at jacknpit@hotmail.com or 518-993-5393, …

Brush Clearing Goats Wanted  Not rated yet
I want to use some goats to clear brush on an Island in Lincoln County WI. 6 months or so of the year and you can have them back. Eric 847.361.7100


Kiko does wanted Not rated yet
Hello! I am looking for 2 Kiko does and/or doelings. I live in Southeastern Virginia. I am also looking for a papered Boer buck as well for stud.

San Clemente Island goats wanted Not rated yet
Breeding pair of San Clemente Island goats or pregnant doe. Also consider proven buck. We are interested in helping bring back this breed. Contact me at …

Saanen, Toggenburg or Ober. Wanted - MO Not rated yet
Looking for quality milk goat with good udder and udder attachment 3-4 qt a day milker. Can be kids 2 does and a buck total. Prefer hornless but not a …

Nigerian dwarf Doe for breeding Wanted - OK Not rated yet
we are looking for a nigerian dwarf Doe for breeding and also a Buck can be Nubien, Kiko, Saanen, Pigmy, Alpine, Toggenburgh, Boer etc...........as long …

Jeannie  Not rated yet
I'm interested in buying a couple of goats that you no longer want because maybe they are no longer useful for milking or you can no longer provide a home …

C.J. girls for sale - Ky Not rated yet
I have two buck's, doe & buck both are reg., half boer / half Spanish for sale, DOB Dec.3-2012, March 3-2013 $100.00 each, very cute, I call them the "Oreo …

Boer Goats Wanted, South Dakota (and surrounding areas) Not rated yet
I am looking for bred boer goat nannies coming in very soon, in (or by) South Dakota, around Sioux Falls area. I would also be interested in baby boer …

Sauna Goat Wanted Not rated yet
I am looking for a Sauna Goat the lowest fat milk. I would like to have one that is a good milk goat. Please call me at 828-369-5500- North Carolina

J and J's Top o' the Hill Farm Not rated yet
Wanted to buy, a purebred Kiko buck. Prefer a papered buck. Any age. Any color. Breeding record not necessary but might be a plus. We have for sale a …

GOATS WANTED Not rated yet
hi im looking for a 2 medium to small goat san clemente island goat spanish goat or pygmy goat or another breed not for breeding or milk just …

Boer goat wanted Not rated yet
I am interested in purchasing a boer grass feed goat 120-180lbs for my 60th birthday celeberation. I live in DC. Willing to pay and if there's any for …

wanted bottle babies fainting goats Not rated yet
wanted bottle babies fainting goats,one male one female. pinehurst,texas just outside of houston.281-259-0259 willing to travel to pick-up.soon as possible. …

osman riza kucuk Not rated yet
Looking to buy Sannen dairy goats from USA large emount exporting TURKEY www.gtagrotrade.com orkck@yahoo.com

Wanted bottle babies.fainting or pygmies Not rated yet
looking for bottle babies.fainting or pygmies,one male and one female for pets. live in pinehurst,texas msjohnson1@peoplepc.com or call 281-259-0259 thanks! …

Wanted to buy very small young pygmy goat buck. Would like him registered if possible. Please send pictures if available.

young boer wanted nothwest Illinois area Not rated yet
Wanted to Buy: a young boer billy goat Need not be registered Old enough to breed this fall. Would prefer one in the nothwest Illinois area. …

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Goats Not rated yet
Tall white goat, about a year old. never breeded or milked. healthy, and shes a pet.

Boer Goats Wanted Illinois Not rated yet
I would like to buy some young boer nanny goats. I really am not interested in show stock so they do not need to be registered.I would like to buy them …

Wanted: one goat Not rated yet
Wanted: one goat; we'd like someday to have raw goat milk/cheese, but now just want a goat to eat up undergrowth containing poison ivy in an enclosed pen …

Nigerian pygmy goats as pets wanted Not rated yet
Nigerian pygmy goats as pets wanted!!!!! I am looking to buy possibly 2 Nigerian babies or 2 fainiting goat babies as pets for my kids. I can not find …

Kids Wanted NC Not rated yet
Wanted to buy bottle fed Boer babies. Call 704-922-5361

Kiko Goats wanted - IL Not rated yet
I'm in search for preferably Kiko doelings, does and one buckling...no boar or pygmy but other breeds OK as long as female. The buckling has to be Kiko …

Wanted Milk goat - AZ Not rated yet
I'm looking for a milk goat. Would like 3 years old or younger, prefer bred or with kids. Saanen, Nubian, Toggenberg, will consider others and crosses. …

Spanish or Boer Goats wanted - CO Not rated yet
Goats wanted, Bred nannies. prefer spanish or boer, but not real picky. kbond007_9@msn.com

new Boer herd wanted Not rated yet
would like to start Boer herd for meat production - in search of one buck and breeding does - will purchase up to 4 does - age of both does and buck can …

Kiko Does Wanted - VA Not rated yet
Looking for Kiko does ready to breed by spring 2011. Inexpensive or free is a must. We have 4 children under age 3, trying to increase our herd quickly …

Quality Dairy Goat Wanted Not rated yet
This is all new to me, but I grew up with I'd say half a dozen of goats. My wife is from Malawi and also grew up with goat's milk. We now have a soon-to-be …

Meat Goats wanted Not rated yet
wanting to buy sheep and meat goats weighing 50 to 80 pounds. under 2 years! Before you take to sale ban and pay comission e-mail me!!! THANK YOU!! grant …

Triple C Caprines Not rated yet
Need Does to start dairy. I am looking for 15 does, prefer bred stock. Would like them to kid spring 2011. They need to be registered or registerable. …

Nigerian Dwarf Goats Wanted Not rated yet
Looking for 2 Nigerian dwarf or Pygmy goat wethers as pets. Rowley Mass 978-948-2471

Goats wanted Not rated yet
hey im looking for goats in alabama,if anyone has any cheap or to giveaway,give me call at 812-599-7161

Goats wanted Not rated yet
6 mo old bore or boar cross enough to keep 9 acres clear

Kid Goats wanted North Carolina Not rated yet
we are looking for kinders in north carolina area. thanks

Goats wanted Alabama Not rated yet
i am looking for some goats for my farm, we do not have very much money but can give them a nice home, please let me know if you have some to spare, rev …

California Livestock Broker Not rated yet
Need meat goats, 60 to 90 pounds and less than a year old. I will drive to your ranch to purchase your goats or lambs (80-110lbs, less than a year old) …

Dairy Goats Wanted Not rated yet
I am looking to purchase 2 baby goats in April (aprox) I am looking for: -Nubian doe, purebred, 2 day-2week old, I Want SPOTS- lots of spots! or black …

Savanna or Savanna Crosses Wanted Not rated yet
I live in Central County PA, and I wish to have some quality Savannas or crosses in my own herd. I find them to be beautiful animals, and they have my …

Krystal Bachman, Goats Wanted, Oregon Not rated yet
I am in search of a straight spanish colored buck if possible for lease to breed to my spanish/boer nannies. I am not looking to invest in one just yet …

Robert & Lisa Not rated yet
We are looking for 4 to 7 Boer-Crosses (Boer/Kiko, Boer/Spanish, etc) aged 9 to 10 months that will be ready to breed Between now and December. We will …

Free Goats wanted NE Arkansas Not rated yet
Need Goats any breed for pets, and keep farm and woods brush controlled. Free, or Good price. Please call 870-761-5363 NE Arkansas. Ask for Gene

Pygmy Wether/Doeling Pets Not rated yet
9/2/2010 CT, I want to purchase healthy, friendly, pygmy wethers or doe lings for pets (two) I do prefer blue eyes, but it isn't necessary. MillerKRN@aol.com …

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Savannah Goats wanted Oklahoma Not rated yet
I'm looking to buy some savanna's in okl. and having a terrible time finding them. can anybody help me. thank you. countrykansasgal@yahoo.com

Savanna Goats Wanted, Washington State Not rated yet
Would like to purchase a reasonably-priced 100% or purebred registered Savanna goats (couple does or doelings and perhaps a buck or buckling) to join our …

Goat for sale - New Mexico Not rated yet
Goat for sale!!! 3/4 boer 1/4 nubian. Grandfather purebred nubian. Mother purebred Boer. Excellent conformation. Pretty gentle. Will make good meat, milker, …

registered boer nanny goats Not rated yet
I am located in South Dakota. I am looking for regisered boer nanny goats to start a herd for showing 4-H. I have a nice billy but need some good stocky, …

Young milk goats wanted Not rated yet
Young milk goats wanted. Prefer Nubians, Toggenburgs, Swiss. East Central Oklahoma area. Also a young healthy Nubian producing buck. (tsworcester@cableone.net) …

Does Wanted Not rated yet
Hi we are looking for Kinder does, & or kids for our family. Thanks! Our email is: frankchristina32@msn.com

Kalahari red Goats wanted Not rated yet
Looking for two Kahahari , young does or kids from the US. These beautiful creatures would be pets and possibly used as an educational project. If the …

Sassy Goat Not rated yet
LaMancha/Nubian Dairy Goats for sale. Closed herd, healthy and gentle. Does in milk, yearling does ready to breed this fall, three month old kids …

Milking Goat wanted Not rated yet
I am looking for a proven, friendly milk goat. Friendly Boer does and kids. 970-846-2375 lradford1956@msn.com

Black Bengal goats Wanted - Virginia Not rated yet
I would like to purchase some Black Bengal goats, preferrably 3 does and 1 unrelated buck close to Virginia. Please email me at coolchange415@yahoo.com …

2 Pygmy Goats Wanted in Ga Not rated yet
I am in Ringgold,Ga. looking for 2 pygmy or small goats for sale as a pair. preferably to breed one male and one female. must be young to grow up around …

Acopor consultores Not rated yet
My name is Ariel Cossio Im from Bolivia and i need information of frozen semen of goats anglo nuibia and sanen import, adjunt catalogs and prieces too; …

baby goats wanted Not rated yet
baby goats wanted 3 or 4 .. must have shots. greg price 916 792 8548.grass valley colfax.ca.

mini lamanchas Buck Wanted Virginia Not rated yet
Looking for a mini lamanchas Buck any age any color I want him for breeding does not have to be registered. In Virginia 434.946.5294

Goat Wanted Not rated yet
want doe goat cartersville, want to gave a love home. lucky14653@bellsouth.net

Goats Wanted Not rated yet
Looking for goats for sell in the North Carolina area any unwanted or just looking to sell. I don't have a perfernce but they have to be healthy. Boer …

Purebreds Dairy Goats Wanted Not rated yet
I am looking to buy only Purebreds Dairy Goats CAE free(doe only) of the 3 different kinds (preferably from New Zealand): - British Alpine or Alpine doe …

Pygmy Goat Buck Wanted Not rated yet
I am in need of a Pygmy Goat Buck like in the picture shown below it needs to be somewhere in IL or be able to be picked up in il it can be any age I DON'T …

Vince Peperno Not rated yet
Good morning Connie, Terry , Luke , hope everyone is well, I was very impressed about the goat site although I did not expect such a comprehensive site …


Wanted fainting goats.  Not rated yet
Wanted: 2 small baby fainting goats. If you have any please call me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. My number is 712-870-8677. (We need them by Christmas if possible). …

Saanen young pregnant doe Not rated yet
Saanen young pregnant doe good milker (easily gives down milk) Ship to california or hawaii call 808 354-6981

looking for one small goat Ontario Not rated yet
looking for one small goat as a pet must be alright with dogs and kids i am in northwesten on. my# is 807 876 1082 email bjlafave@hotmail.com

palm kernel cake on sale Not rated yet
palm kernel cake on sale. supplement food for goat, much cheaper than animal feed. high protein content-14%. contact us (roger wong) at joywong1@hotmail.com …

2 to 3 pigmy goats wanted Not rated yet
i am looking to buy 2 to 3 pigmy goats i would like to have them as pets for my children i live in Greenville, OH. if you have a few goats for sale please …

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Wanted in Tennessee, free dairy goats Not rated yet
Wanted in Tennessee, free dairy goats, any kind. Send E~Mail to: Charlie Barrett at jesus_is_lord234@yahoo.com


LaMancha female wanted Not rated yet
Looking for a LaMancha female to breed with my male. I don't have a lot of money to spend. I live in Boynton, Oklahoma and have 20 acres for them to roam. …

kids ranch Not rated yet
My 5 daughters are raising goats, we have boers, boer/sannen, and a few dairies. Only two of our boers are registered and just aquired a buckling and two …

nigerian dwarf doe to good home, will trade Not rated yet
will trade her for adult wether disbudded....quiet and friendly.. she is a pet and loves people... 4 yr old never bred, too loud for us... 570-491-4970 …

Sylvia Mandre Not rated yet
I need four goats, one must be a Nanny. Billings/Laurel, MT area. email: sssmandre@gmail.com with costs or if free I have land well fenced for them! …

Mark Mangus, Kiko buck wanted, Pennsylvania Not rated yet
Looking for a high percentage Kiko buck,ready to perform his duties. We are in the S.E. PA area about 45 miles SW of Philadelphia.

Milking Goats Wanted California Not rated yet
I am looking for milking goats, alpine, saanen, nubians and toggenburg. most be nice and healthy does and kids 6 months and up please e-mail avences21@yahoo.com …

Laurie Not rated yet
I am reducing my boer/spanish cross herd to make room for my 2009 kids born 3 weeks ago. Does are 80.00-100.00, I have two 100% Boer bucks with papers …

Boer Savanna Goats for Sale Not rated yet
I have several doelings that are Savana boer cross and also some high % boer does2 to 5 years old. Make someone a good starter herd 75.00 to 125.00 …

Boer Savanna Goats for Sale Not rated yet
I have several doelings that are Savana boer cross and also some high % boer does2 to 5 years old. Make someone a good starter herd 75.00 to 125.00 …

Boer Cross Does wanted Not rated yet
Commercial boer cross does wanted to increase herd in northern Nebraska. Preferably with kids or bred for June 1 or after, but will take any does 6 months …

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