How to cook goat meat? There seems no end of great goat meat recipe ideas to try out. It is quite lean meat and unlike sheep meat does not have much fat, so you need to consider that when cooking.

I think you will enjoy them all, I know I do.

Here at our goat farm, goat meat is the prime red meat.

Great taste, low in fat, it has everything going for it.

You can substitute many lamb methods for good quality goat kid meat.

It is always best not to overcook the goat meat.


Sauté Goat Meat

Use young kid meat or Capretto, and cook it to medium rare or just pink, so you get the tender texture and taste. It will get a bit chewy and tough of over cooked.

Coat the meat in plain flour with some black pepper in before you sauté. Use a good marinade before you cook, don’t make it too strong so that it doesn’t overpower the taste of the kid meat.

When you sauté, best to cook fast in a wok to seal in the juices. Try using infused oils such as sesame oil or macadamia oil to get some subtle flavors


Grilled Kid Meat

Fire up the BBQ. Use young kid meat or Capretto and use relatively mild marinades so you don’t mask the taste.

Use an olive oil marinade with fine herbs. You can make great satays, brochettes and kebobs with goat kid meat. Don’t grill it too hard under high heat.


I love my Sunday roast goat in winter on our goat farm. Always seal the meat before you roast it to keep the juices in. Goat meat also roasts well when wrapped in foil or an oven bag. 

Roast goat goes well with slivers of garlic and also using olive oil when roasting. Don’t cook at high temperatures, same rules as cooking lamb applies. It is best to use shoulder cuts for roasting.


Braised Goat Meat

Cube the kid meat and combine with lots of fresh vegetables such as onions and root vegetables such as carrots, or add in come fresh tomatoes, a medley of different tomato types also works well. Also I use red wine and quality vegetable stocks to make great casseroles and stews. Many herbs go well with goat and may favorites are thyme, bay leaves, whole peppercorns and basil bring out the flavor.

The best goat-recipe and all about cooking and eating goat meat. The best how to cook goat meat recipes are found here!

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