La Mancha Bucks, born mid april 2014, Rock Hill SC

by Blanche
(Rock Hill, SC)

Djali (from the movie 'Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Djali (from the movie 'Hunchback of Notre Dame)

We have two milking does that had babies in mid-April. They are all male and we need to let them go. They are tame and playful. They will be ready about mid-June. We are looking for a good home so we don't have to take them to the auction. They are all three black and white. They are from good milking lines. We have three bucks, two are a set of twins. They can be adopted for $60 each. If you are looking for a pet, a 4H project or to add to your herd these are a good choice. La Mancha's are not a large goat and very friendly. They are not a large producer of milk, about 3/4 gal per day, but their milk is sweet and good tasting. My grandchildren do not notice a difference from store bought cows milk. If interested please email for more information. We are located around Rock Hill, South Carolina. My grandchildren named the goats.

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