Malabari & Talacherry Goat Kids availability

(Kottayam, Kerala,India)

I am going to be retired from service in May 2011 and wish to start a Goat Farm Unit at my District Kottayam, Kerala. I am having 3 acres of land for starting the farm. I wish to keep 20 goat kids for time being and likely to increase the number.

The following information may kindly be furnished.

01. Fodder is an important factor before starting
any farm. I wish to plant some fodder plant in this year so that at the time of starting the farm there will not be any difficulty for fodder grass. Can you inform the plants which are good in nutrient and give to goat kids. Kindly inform the availability of plants so that I can plant in the monthy of June 2011.
02. Which is the most popular and suitable Goat
kids easily grown in Kottayam District (Kerala). Please inform its available source. Kindly inform the availability sending the details ie address, Mobile No. etc.
03. Construction of a low cost shed is very important. Can you send me a plan and estimate, drawing etc. of a low cost shed which can accommodate 40 goats
at a time.
04. Since it is a new starting can you send some booklets, leaflets etc for enhancing my knowledge.

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