NSW Australia Biennial Goat Conference

The NSW Farmers Association has invited goat producers to attend their Biennial Goat Conference in Dubbo in Central West NSW. The theme is "Goats from production to profit - the whole supply chain", and would look at the many issues the goat industry faces. Topics and speakers include feedlotting goats, goat meat meals, live export, goat fibres, dairy goats and also about product integrity by processors. The event will also have a variety of sponsor stands. The organisers state that the Biennial Goat Conference is a period when members can set the direction for the goat industry for the next 2 years.

Where and When? Wednesday, June 20, 8.30am - 4.00pm at the Savannah Room, Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo. (which is pretty poor short public notification to goat producers like myself who choose not to bememebers of the farmers association. If they wonder why attendance isnt up to scratch perhaps they need to improve communications. There will be an informal dinner at the Pastoral Hotel the same night. To register, call 1300 794 000 for a registration form or register by phone. Registrations close on June 13. (thats just 4 days notice!) I guess I will go in 2 years from now instead and get on with my goat farming.

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