Nubian/boer Doe Las Cruces, NM

(Las Cruces, NM)

3/4 Boer 1/4 Nubian Doe. Born mid-January 2010. She is a white doe with a light tan head. Back foot only has 1 toe due to jumping fence six or seven months ago. She is a very good grazer, and still walks and runs. She is used to having a herd around. Named Honey-bun, she is used to living with horses, and other goats, though also for a very brief time dogs. She can be handled pretty well, though is not really used to it. If bred, would make a pretty good milker, as her mother provided some very good milk. Very good muscling, but tall for a meat goat. Was dis-budded when little. If no one picks up, we will butcher her, so please call 575-524-4374

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