one lonely goat!

by Courtney

A few years ago (before i actually started raising boer goats) i used to just buy 2 or 3 and take them to the county fair and show them. i would get a wether and a breeding goat. we decided one year to keep our breeding goat, Minnie, and maybe try to get it bred at another farm. when we brought it home from the fair, it was the only animal in the barn. i felt bad for it so i would go down and sit by it for a while. one day i didnt go sown by it, so it crawled under the gate and escaped the barn. My dad said he saw it walking around in the corall but didnt do anything about it. next thing we knew it was gone! She ran away at the end of July. we figured she was gone for good and didnt think much of it. in Sept. we actually saw her in front of the corn field, behind our house, wallking around!!!. But by timewe got up there she was gone. we figured if shes living in the corn field cyotes would probably get her and we would find her carcass when we were harvesting, but we didn't.

after she was gone for 5 months ( in the corn field), and survived a few blizzards!. My dad was up in the machine shed working on a tractor, Minnie walked up behind him and just stood there. he grabbed her and put her in his pick up and drove her down to the barn. a week later, we took her to another goat farm and got her bred and she had one baby around easter time that next year, Peanut! she has recently had twins this last Christmas, I currently have about 20 goats on my farm. im 14, and my dad helps me and my little brother raise our goats.

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