Osmanabadi kids - WANTED

by Ravi Y
(Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh)

I have started goat rearing farm near Vizag,Andhra Pradesh, started with 50 goats and rightnow I have 300 plus goats (local breed).

For buying kids or selling older one, I am dealing with local markets.

With 2 years of experience on hand, I am looking to expand my business with Osmanabadi breed alone.

As I am new to internet usage I posting my request for the first time and at the same time I got the opputunity. Thanks for the guys for their questions and sharing lot of information.

I heard that Osmanabadi is a good breed for rearing in Andhra Pradesh and it is for meat purpose only.

I have few questions, appreciate I hear answers for my queries...

1) I need for in-dept details on Osmanabadi breed.
2) What should be the feed apart from normal grazing?
3) If any one has Osmanabadi kids for sale, please let me know the price and the count you can sell by when?

Appreciate of sharing wealth of information on internet and thanks for everyone.


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