Quality Dairy Goat Wanted

by Murdock Henderson
(South Shore, MA, USA)

This is all new to me, but I grew up with I'd say half a dozen of goats. My wife is from Malawi and also grew up with goat's milk. We now have a soon-to-be one-year-old daughter whom we suspect will prefer goat's milk over cow's milk.

So, you guessed it: We are in quest of a well-bred goat (certificates and vaccinaiton records must be included) milk goat for our daughter and her soon-to-be baby brother/sister. Must be even-tempered and excellent with children, NO EXCEPTIONS.

If this catches your eye, and you don't charge an arm and a leg for your kids, then please feel free to email me at: murdock.henderson@gmail.com.

Oh, one other thing, we live in MA/USA, so let's please keep that in mind, too.

Thanks a lot!

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