by Maureen Dean
(Victoria, Australia)



Our small property of 15.12ha is located south of Geelong in Victoria, we have been breeding Purebred Saanen Dairy Goats for over 23 years and Fullblood Stud Registered Boer Goats for 9 years. We have achieved numerous success at local regional shows and our Royal Geelong Show with both breeds for many years.

Our Saanen does are excellent milkers with good udders they are open grazed and supplement fed at milking time only, not penned and solely hand hardfeed, our Boers carry a lot of meat and are well muscled, also opened grazed with minimal supplemention with additional hard feed, its all due to selective breeding from the start with quality genetics.
Our goats have been sold to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philipines for breeding purposes, all our goats are handled daily from birth and are very quiet to handle and people friendly, the mature large bucks also have that superb placid temperament.
A limited number of young stock is sold each season for breeding only, they are bought at a young age or pre-ordered due to the limited number available, we do not sell for slaughter, the quality of stock is too good.

Evan and Maureen Dean
110 Boundary Rd.,
Mount Duneed,
Victoria, Australia 3216

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