As those who have followed this story know that pygmy goats are now legally pets in Seattle. The City Council has voted unanimously to reclassify the goats, which are also known as dwarf or miniature goats, as small animals rather than farm animals. The testimony rightly put forward was the dog-sized goats are great companions, enironmental responsible weed eaters and also milk producers. One great quote is "One small step for man, one giant step for goatkind," The goats grow up to 60cm tall and weigh 20kg to 45kg and must have pet licences, just like cats, dogs. However, they must be dehorned and males must be neutered to reduce musky odours. They are not allowed outside the owner's yard - but other people can borrow them for grazing. The measure was put forward by Jennie Grant, president of the Goat Justice League, which has 100 members.

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