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Washington Boer Goat Breeders

RICHARD & SANDY'S BOER GOAT FARM. We sell great bucks, does and wethers for showing, pets, brush control and pets. Our show record indicates the high quality of animals we have been able to produce. We strive to raise sturdy foundation stock with excellent bloodlines and confirmation. We support 4-H and FFA because those kids are our future! We support the meat goat industry because in today's world of fast food, chevon is incredibly nutritious and tasty! We have a few of our favorite recipes on our website. Richard & Sandy Norman, PO Box 685, Graham. WA. 98338. Web Site: http://www.boergoats4richardsandy.com/

Washington Boer Goat Breeders

Chevisance Farm is a small family farm in northwest Washington state. We breed Boer goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats for milk, meat, and pet purposes. Lynden, Washington. www.wegotgoats.com

Crossroads Boer Goats. We raise painted and traditional Boer goats in Mossyrock,WA. Our goats are friendly, healthy and show quality. For more info about our Boer goats, please visit URL:http://crossroadsboergoats.web.officelive.com


Crossroads Beor Goats

Washington Boer Goat Breeders

HEAVENS LIL' ACRES RANCH Breeding and raising 100% Boer Goats for Show Quality!!! Please note that we do not produce for meat. Ken & Joni Woodring. P O Box 1282. Graham, Washington, 98338.  www.heavenslilacres.com for more info on Washington boer goat breeders

A Blackberry Creek Farm New Boer Goat and Nigerian Dwarf goat, Silverfox and New Zealand Rabbit, free range chicken eggs, heirloom garden nursery starts and Frizzle/Naked Neck Silkie chicks~ www.ABlackberryCreekFarm.yolasite.com 

A Blackberry Creek Farm Boer Goats

3 Eagle Ranch We raise quality fullblood and percentage Boer goats in SW Washington. Wethers available during kidding season. Our goats are healthy and pampered. We constantly strive to improve our herd to provide you the best goats possible. Frances Morton. 252 Avery Rd W, Winlock. WA. 98596.  www.3eaglesranch.com for good info on Washington boer goat breeders 

Vision Quest Farm.  Raising fullblood and purebred boer goats in the pacific northwest. Champion lines, animals almost always available for sale! Home of DSA Smarty Jones- ABGA *Ennobled* & US Ennobled Champion. VisionQuest Farm, Sarah and Jennifer Budde, Port Orchard, WA, List now for Washington boer goat breeders

Spanish Spirit Valley Ranch. Pedro and Dorita Gonzalez, 136 Topelt Road. Chehalis, WA 98532 spanishspiritvalleyranch@gmail.com

Spanish Spirit Valley Ranch Boer Goats

Washington Boer Goat Breeders

J H Bar Boers.  Owned by Johnny Hopfinger and Judy Wolfe is located in the West Valley area of Yakima, Wa. Address is 9105 Ahtanum. Our goal is to raise Boers that can show well, be good breeding stock and produce meaty wethers to eat. www.jhbarboers.com

 At Ridgeline Boer Goats we primarily breed, raise and sell breedstock/commercial Boer goats the whole year round. Ridgeline also will have a few select each year show quality Toggenburg and Nigerian Dwarf bottle babies if you pay a deposit in utero and picked up at 24 hours old or full price after birth until weaning. We also have a sister farm for rabbit meat, rabbit breedstock and nursery starts named A Blackberry Creek Heritage Farm at www.ablackberrycreekfarm.yolasite.com . For goat pictures visit www.Ridgeline.yolasite.com for more information!  for goat, rabbit meat or heirloom nursery starts combined. Washington boer goat breeders 

Ridgeline Boer Goats

Washington Boer Goat Breeders

Toboton Creek Farm. We are in the business of raising goats for show and commercial. We offer great pedigrees and our goats have been known locally and nationally for 9 years. Please take a look at our website. Dan and Lynda Kofford-DiCicco. Toboton Creek Farm. email:lyndants@fairpoint.net 

Kindlehope Farm Boer Goats.  We raise boer goats for meat and for breeding stock. Our goats are all from nationally recognized genetics. We don't sell culls. Our farm is small so we can only keep so many foundation does and bucks, therefore we sell very nice does and bucks all the time. You can count on finding some of the best stock in Western Washington state here at Washington boer goat breeders. Our website is www.kindlehopefarm.com

KindleHope Boer Goats

JT Ranch.  Reg. La Manchas, Reg. Nubians, Reg. Pygmies and Reg. Boer Goats. Breeding for quality not quantity since 1995. Our Herd is CAE Neg. and we test yearly. We take great pride in the kids we produce. Kids are available in the spring. Occasionally we have adults for sale. We also raise Miniature Jersey cattle, Icelandic sheep and Registered Border Leicester sheep. Joanna Martinez, Addy,WA

JT Ranch Boer Goats

Washington Boer Goat Breeders

Gedemark Ranch Benton City, WA raises fullblood, registered boer goats for show and breeding stock. Website is-www.greatgoats.com

White House Goats Elise Conlee2218 NE Rainbow Dr, Ridgefield, WA www.whitehousegoats.com

Capriole Boer Goats Terry Brown14350 W. Hwy 12, Touchet, WA www.caprioleboers.com

SR Berry Ranch Sue Haider and Ron SherbertAlbion, WA 

BrookHill Ranch & Kennels Mary Stirrett20504 Patterson Road E, Orting, WA www.boergoatsofbrookhill.com

Lookout Mountain Boers Patti and Jim Gylling951 Hidden Valley Terrace, Cle Elum, WA 

Harvey Creek Boer Goats Hannah Kirk3540 Cedonia Addy Road, Hunters, WA www.harveycreekboergoats.com

QUILCEDA FARM. Terrence & Juanita Whetham. 2317 158th St. NW Marysville, Washington 98271. 

PINE FALLS NUBIANS. Debra Michalski. P.O. Box 640 Onalaska, Washington 98570.

BLACKBERRY ACRES MEAT GOATS. Ginger Schiffer. Washougal, Washington. 

GOAT TALES. Battleground, Washington 98604. 

FRIDAY CREEK FARM. Bill & Wendy Cummins. Burlington, Washington 

BOER GOATS OF BROOKHILL. MaryBeau Stirrett. 20504 Patterson Rd. E. Orting, Washington 98360. 

Dee Gee Goats. Raising Boer Goats since 1999. Active in showing in ABGA registered boer shows. Website: www.deegeegoats.com. 

Fidelity Farm Nigerian Dwarfs. Raising registered Nigerian Dwarfs in Eastern Washington. We have a small herd and are constantly working towards improving the breed. Our website is www.freewebs.com/fidelityfarm/

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